Uji Natural Hot Spring Genji no Yu

A hot spring for local city Genji no yu

Enjoy hot spring
Enjoy good food and drink
Enjoy communicating

The good quality natural hot spring gushed from underground 1111m.
A building made full use of traditional technique create real Japanese style atmosphere which makes you feel relaxing
Time spend calmly like a spa in mountains
A day spa『Genji no yu』stands in Uji city
Savor comfortable and relaxing time(moment) to your heart content.

Information about the Bath

Entrance fee Adult 1,000yen(over junior high school student) kids 500yen(from 4years old to 12years old) infants Free(under 3 years old)
We kindly ask kids not to go into bath area without guardians
A book of 11 coupon 10,000yen Various kinds of credit cards are available
Business Hours 10:00(open) - 24:00(close) (final entrance 23:00)
Genji no yu opens throughout the year(* Excluding the day we inspect facility)
Note * Kids(over school boys and girls) can't take a bath together with the oppose sex. In addition, we are really sorry that people with tattoo are not able to get into the bath areas (including seal tattoo).



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Address 52 Okubo-cho Otake, Uji-shi, Kyoto 611-0033 Japan
Contact Tel: +81 774 41 2615
Business Hours 10:00(open) - 24:00(close) (final entrance 23:00)
Information about Transportation
By train 8 minutes walk to Genji no yu from Okubo(kintetsu line) st.
8 minutes walk to Genji no yu from Sinden(JR line) st.
By car Go southern 500m on 69 line from Okubo st/
Parking is available for free.